Friday, January 11, 2013

Which Graduate Degrees Have The Best Economic Benefit?

Many people have heard the saying that Master’s degrees are the new Bachelor’s degree. But with so many people now pursuing a Master’s degree, how can you maximize your chance of reaping the benefits of an advanced education? Forbes has done an analysis of the best Master’s degrees and worst Master’s degrees based on the projected employment increase from different types of graduate degrees as well as overall quality of life (some high paying, high employment jobs are also time consuming and high stress). Below you can see an infographic based on this analysis (Source):

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Based on this analysis, the best graduate level degrees seem to be in health and technology:

Physician assistant studies

Computer science

Electrical engineering

Information systems

Occupational therapy

Health care administration



While the worst master’s level degrees seem to be clustered around the liberal arts, architecture and perhaps surprisingly, a few hard sciences like Biology and Chemistry.


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