Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to Facebook Domination (My Projections)

Facebook is literally taking over the web, and I have been wanting to do a write up about it. It is insane that Facebook has over 500 million registered users, and it is growing faster than ever. It is crazy that in the past 3 years, it has literally doubled it’s revenue each year going from 350 million dollars to 700 million dollars and now to somewhere around 1.6 billion dollars per year. When will this stop? Will it stop? Should we be worried? The whole idea of this post is to spice things up by sharing what I think will happen. Now I am not an oracle, so my predictions are just as good as yours.

With the Facebook like buttons, facebook has been dominating the web. At least for WPBeginner, it has become the second highest source of traffic surpassing Twitter. From my knowledge, it has surpassed twitter for a lot of my top blogger friends as well. Most blogs either have both the facebook like box and the like button, or one of the other. And when facebook went down few times this past two months, it created chaos on the web. Does that mean facebook is becoming dangerous? Are we feeding a giant that is unsustainable? Well I think so.

Not saying that I will stop using facebook because it will be a stupid business decision on my part, but I think facebook is onto ruling the web. It has already surpassed Google in terms of time spent on the site. I think with the new rumors of an email service, Facebook has a great chance of challenging GMAIL (that is only if they have a better search and organization feature).

Facebook gift cards are now on sale in Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. It still surprises me that there are morons who are buying fake products such as Birthday cakes on Facebook. I guess the line between meta physics of reality is just becoming very very thin. I think this aspect of Facebook business will grow not only on virtual products, but on tangible / digital goods as well. I can see facebook competing with eBay because their marketplace is so much better. I have sold tons of stuff for very decent prices on Facebook and I am very happy with it.

With the amount of sites now incorporating Facebook Connect, I think it is not too far away that facebook creates it’s own payment cart. I will use it if facebook doesn’t fluctuate it’s codes as much as they do now. It is equally beneficial for webmasters to use facebook because it is the largest membership site on the web, so almost everyone has an account there. If and only if facebook charges less fees than paypal, I can see paypal going byebye in the next 2-3 years. Because when is the last time you saw connect with Paypal option? I think Facebook connect is a very powerful feature, and it can put facebook as the head of the web.

Basically what I am saying here is that those facebook gift cards can be used to purchase tangible products if/when facebook adapts it’s own payment cart.

Facebook is working on making it’s photo galleries better, so good bye Flickr. I know quite a few people are pissed off with flickr because they ban accounts without any explanation. I think facebook can take over flickr and completely destroy it. If there was a way to embed Facebook photos in WordPress, I would get rid of my flickr right away.

Ladies and Gentleman, I see facebook dominating the web in the next two years. Should we be excited? Afraid? Will this be the Big Brother that we want to avoid?

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Balkhis/~3/q28G31cBAi8/

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