Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things Very Rich People and Very Poor People Have in Common

1. Drinking in the afternoon: Rich people have a glass of wine or scotch with lunch or some drinks on the golf course.  Poor people drink 40′s on the front porch.

Drinking on the Porch

2. Not working for weeks on end: Rich people are retired or have people who run their companies for them.  Poor people either can’t find work or choose to live off government benefits.

3. Driving really old cars: Rich people buy old cars and fix them up so they are “classics”.  Poor people can’t afford to drive any car made in the last 3 decades.

4. Naming their kids after the father: Rich people have many children all named Kinglsey (the 3rd, 4th, 5th). Poor people have many children all named Ray Bob, Jr.

5. Showering outdoors: Rich people have beach houses with outdoor showers to rinse off the sand after they’ve been on the beach.  Homeless people use broken fire hydrants, fountains or outdoor faucets to wash up.

6. Large families: Rich people breed to carry on their legacy. Poor people breed to get more welfare.

7. Eating very small food portions: Rich people pay loads of money for gourmet meals that consist of small portions that leave you hungry.  Poor people have to ration their food supply and therefore eat small meals.

8. Thrift stores: Rich people shop at thrift stores for “vintage” clothing.  Poor people shop at thrift stores for anything they can afford.

9. Getting things for free: Rich people get things for free because companies want them to recommend the products to their rich friends.  Poor people get things for free from charity.

10. Depression: Rich people are depressed because they are bored and it’s trendy. Poor people are depressed because, well, they’re poor.

If you have more things rich people and poor people have in common, please leave them in the comments below.  Thanks!


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