Sunday, January 13, 2013

The rockstar case study

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Last week… or I guess it was almost a couple now (dang holidays make time fly by) I told you about my friend Jon that launched a product.

The product has sold for thousands of dollars in the past but Jon decided to try something new.  He started the product at $9 and incremented the price 1 penny everytime someone bought it. The price is now at $19 dollars and Jon has decided to keep it there locked for a few more days.

I have seen this model with a few different niches but  never in the internet marketing space.

The results?  Jon has sold over 2000 copies (most in the first 48 hours!) bringing in well over over $30,000 in gross sales.

The product is a no brainer.  Its saved me so much time and money…  Check it out if you have not yet.

But why would he do this?  The normal price is $1995,  which he has sold hundreds of copies of, for 1/100th of the price? He could sell only 15 copies and have the same gross income.

Here is the deal.  The game has drastically changed.  Everyone is used to cheap products making crazy claims.  That is Jon’s competition.  But the difference is while these hucksters are selling scripts that don’t really do much Jon’s Rockstar software is amazing and worth every penny even at $1995.

But unlike these hucksters with junk Jon has spent over a million dollars and 2 years developing this product.  And he is an absolute perfectionist.  I had to drastically twist his arm just to release it now.  It is amazing.

But I digress…

The major point is that you have to earn users trust.  When you lower the price point and deliver an amazing value,  then when you release your next product people know its going to be amazing cause you have brought them amazing value.  PLUS think about all the people who are talking about how awesome it is and how they will refer a ton of people… even when it goes back to the $1995 price in a few days.

So just think about this the next time you launch a product.

Again Jon’s software is only available for a couple more days before it goes back to the $1995 price point so make sure to get your copy now.



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