Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The coupons experiment – New addition to the WPBeginner Network

So today, at WPBeginner, we added a new site to our growing network called WPBeginner WordPress Coupons. So here is a little story behind this new experiment. So I am sitting here pissed off at myself for missing a really good deal (Not WordPress), but I missed the deal because I didn’t check slickdeals that day. I occasionally check it, but there are just some days I don’t have time for it. Well, nonetheless, I was freaking pissed off at myself and others for not creating a resource that does that.

So that is when I got the idea for WordPress/Blogging Coupons. We have a good enough audience of WordPress users / bloggers. We also have good connections with a lot of developers, theme designers, web hosts, other bloggers (authors), and other companies. So why don’t we combine the two and bring a quality resource for users that is also mutually beneficial for the businesses. Furthermore, the power of the community always surpasses the efforts of one person, so this way if anyone else finds a deal going around, then they can submit the coupon.

Our editorial staff will review it, and publish it on the site. If it is a kick-ass deal, then it would be emailed out to those who don’t visit the site as often. As I came up with the idea, I am like, “Now that’s what I am talking about”.

So I started jotting down notes, competition, ideas, and everything else that I wanted the site to have. Now because we are using Genesis as the framework, we didn’t need to work that much. We already have the child theme for WPBeginner Gallery. So, we just based the coupons theme off on the gallery child theme and made few modifications. Ofcourse, Gravity Forms made life even easier in terms of creating coupon submission forms.

What took so long is my nit-picking… I wanted to try like 10 different ways before I can agree on one. Well, so there we have it.

A one stop shop for WordPress and Blogging Coupons. Use it, but don’t abuse it ;)

If you have feedbacks for me, then please let me know. As I am always up for improving the way I do things. Because this is very experimental, I will post another update on how this site is going as it is fully integrated within the WPBeginner main site.

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