Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ShoeMoney Book FAQ – Yes People outside the USA can buy it for the same price

Got some questions about the book launch today.  Its off and running!!!!  Here is a link to buy it if you have not already:


Q: I saw the book for FREE on amazon this morning but now its $9.95 whats up ?

A: I enrolled the book in KDP select and allowed Amazon to offer it for free daily.  Its a new program where they pay you back for giving it away but they control it.  I was invited to the program so I got some extra perks.  But yes its possible you can see it for free (for the ebook).   It was downloaded for free like 10,000 times this morning so not sure how much more they want to pay me for =P.


Q: I am not in the USA and when I go to buy it on Amazon in my country it shows the same price as $2500 usd for your book!!! WTF!!!!!

A: yes I know when I did the “I’ll put your companies logo in my book if you buy it for $2500″ it never updated the price on Amazon (but I did raise a ton of money for charity!) .  I called about this today and they said for countries outside the USA it can take up to 6 weeks!!!!!!

But good news!  You can buy it on create space and get the 14.95 price

Funny unintentional marketing note:  More foreign people tweeted/facebook about the price being so high that I think it helped spread the word about the book.  


Q: Can you sign my copy?

A: Sure send it to ShoeMoney, 1316 N ST lincoln NE 68508 with return shipping label attached and I will sign it ;) .


Q: Is the book in color.

A: The e-book is in color.  The print version is not. (its like 3x as much to have a printed color book).


Q: How much money are you making off the book?

A: Its like 70% of ebook and 35% of print.  But I used my amazon link to promote it so I get another 7%.


Q: I live in Nebraska can I come buy it and hang out?

A: I honestly would rather you wouldn’t.  We don’t have time to chat.  I am very active in my company and very busy.  Sorry to sound like a jerk.


Also if your going to Affiliate Summit West next week make sure to bring your books and come to MaxBounty’s booth #515 the last 2 hours of the first day of the exhibit hall.

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