Thursday, December 27, 2012

Will Google’s Most Recent Patent Impact Your SEO Efforts?

If you are a spammer it does! As highlighted by SEO Industry Expert Bill Slawski on his blog SEO by the Sea, Google has been granted another patent recently. Someone emailed me to ask how this would impact ones “white hat” SEO efforts. For those who do not know, “white hat” is a term given to those who practice search engine optimization according to the letter or the law based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (yes, Google actually tells you how to rank well in their search engine!)

While the intent of this search engine technology is to weed out spam (or those who abuse the guidelines), no technology – not even Google’s – is fail proof. This means that even if you are not in violation of the rules, you could suffer a ranking penalty; at least that is the concern among some Internet Marketing professionals.

My advice:

1. Stick to the basics. This includes adhering to Google’s guidelines.

2. Don’t rush it. SEO is not a sprint, it is a journey. It’s those tactics that seek to get quick results that often get people in trouble.

3. Know how much social media engagement impacts SEO. For one, keep in mind that Google now has a social network (Google Plus) and it has a big impact on how sites are ranking in Google.

Keep in mind that in addition to SEO there are dozen of ways to generate business, both online and offline, so make sure you are engaging a holistic marketing campaign so that your business does ont rely exclusively (or predominantly) on one specific marketing tactic.


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