Monday, December 24, 2012

Social Media Rockstar is now “Copy Brighter”

Dear loyal fans and subscribers…. I am excited to announce that is evolving to a new brand called “Copy Brighter.”

It’ll have the same author, the same quality of content you’ve come to expect – but it will have a wider focus on online marketing and communications. In addition to social media… I want to also explore things like copywriting, conversion optimization and creativity. I’m convinced that these are the most profitable skills in internet marketing… and I’m going to dig deep and share some original insights with you.

Copy Brighter is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, following my passion & dream

So just stay tuned to the same RSS feed (it won’t change)and if you’re browsing on the web just drop by

Why I’m Expanding Beyond Just “Social Media”

In 2006, I decided to become a professional internet marketer. I’d registered this site – – because my passion was copywriting (“copy”) and creative stuff (“brighter”). But I couldn’t find a job doing online copywriting for landing pages – I couldn’t even find local companies that had even heard of it. So I took a job as an SEO analyst at an agency. I tried to be open-minded & adapt my internet marketing dream to the company’s goals… but I soon discovered that working with spreadsheets and link analysis tools all day wasn’t my bliss.

To kill the pain, I started to dabble in social media. I started to get my content on the Digg home page and crash web servers… and I got hooked on the creativity and the huge adrenaline rush. At that time, there were only a small handful of social media experts and blogs to compete with… and the smart ones were making big bucks. In 2008, I sensed social media was going to become the “next big thing” so I started to get in early and build a consulting practice.

My intuition was right, social media blew up in popularity. But the explosion became “too much.” Too many comments, too many friends, to much Twitter chatter, too much noise for one human brain to cope with. And also too much competition – every man, woman and child with a Facebook account was now a social media expert. I discovered that my real authentic self isn’t a “social media guy,” either. I didn’t really enjoy all the 24/7 networking and chit chat… it made it hard to focus and get work done. What I enjoyed the most about social media was studying the psychology of it and writing about it. I love writing. And I hope to write a lot more high-value internet marketing content for you.

Let’s Take It To the Next Level!

Your response to this blog has been overwhelming and it has exceeded anything I had imagined. Thank you for your subscriptions, for your retweets and for your thousands of comments – and for your patience and understanding as I embrace my authentic self and follow my dream. I’m going to a whole new level authenticity and insight… and I hope you’ll stay and share the journey with me!

Please feel free to leave any comments or re-connect below. I’d love to hear what your own new direction / focus / passions and projects are!



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