Thursday, December 27, 2012

My new site will cure your boredom

So I have been really busy with WPBeginner and Uzzz productions. But the time I was not working, I felt like that I was bored. Then David Pegg, one of my close friends who also happen to work with me came up with an idea. He said lets launch List25. Not some piece of shit top 10 list site. But a list of 25 things which would make it much more important and interesting. It would make it unique. It would be amazing. If you can’t write 25 things about a thing, then its probably not worth writing. Everyone sees top 10 this, top 10 that. But top 25, thats HARD. But what if you can find bizarre, lesser-known yet intriguing information and post it on a site?

Not only it will cure boredom, but it will consistently conciliate curiosity.

With that idea a site was born. We snatched which was available to register. Put up a custom theme on it. Now we are just producing content.

One of the obstacles we ran into was that our twitter name was @list_25 rather than @list25…. but thankfully to my friends at twitter it worked out. Now we have @list25 on twitter. Follow us. Your support is what will keep us going.


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