Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Internet marketing for startups: The presentation

This is the somewhat annotated version of a talk I gave at this fantastic incubator here in Seattle called SURF.

My main point: Marketing isn’t about interruption, trickery, SEO spam, etc. Marketing is about communicating true value and significance to your audience. Period.

Anything else is just annoying.

A brief expository interlude

In 1992, I was in law school at UCLA. I was NOT enjoying myself: I was about ready to feed my head into a wood chipper. Given an opportunity, I probably would’ve fled the hallowed halls of the law library in a heartbeat.

Right then, Bicycling Magazine announced a contest: Write them a letter about why you’d be a good addition to their staff, and you might get a job there.

Writing about bicycles for a living?!! Hell yes! So I wrote a letter.

Later, they announced the winner. I wasn’t the lucky person. They did, however, publish a snippet of my letter in the magazine as a sample of the lamest stuff they got.

How is this relevant? Well, first, I mercilessly harass Bicycling in this presentation. Second, Bicycling, how ya like me now?!!!

Back to our show

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