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Unmasking the Biggest Tyrant in Blogging

Note from Glen: This is the first post in ViperChill history that isn’t written by me. That’s all I need to say for now…

In the early 90′s my recently divorced mother started dating a man with a horrible son who wore sweater vests and would trash the kitchen in his sleep. Soon our parents fell in love, got married and Mom and I moved on over to their house; a house of learned doctors.

I’ll never forget seeing his ugly face on the front lawn as we pulled up in their drive. I decided right then and there that I was going to bury him alive. But something strange happened.

Soon we realized that we shared the same favorite dinosaur (Velociraptor) and that by nailing our bunk beds together we could create so much extra room to do activities. That boy and I became best friends.

His name was Glen Allsopp.

Well, actually, that is the plot to Step Brothers with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. I’ve never really met Glen but because that sounded so boring I thought I’d borrow a more interesting storyline.

It was either that or the one where he and I met while staying in a mansion that had a wardrobe which would transport us into a magical snow world where we ruled as young princes with a pet lion.

Okay, so what’s the real deal here?

The real deal is that I’m the guy called the Blog Tyrant and that intro was an attempt at humor.

The true story is that earlier this year I was in Bali having a holiday with all my emails turned off on my iPhone and in Gmail. It’s an advanced marketing technique many entrepreneurs will be familiar with called “turtling” where you block out the world and hope it all just goes away for a while.

After a week though I had to check Twitter and noticed a message from Glen saying just “Nudge…” and had no idea what he was talking about.

Two weeks later I sent him an unrelated email and he replied by saying, “Reply to my other email”.

Ah, what the heck are you talking about Allsopp?

Oh crud!

I forgot to add my Blog Tyrant email address back into Gmail and as such I’d ignored (for almost two weeks) an email from Glen asking me to be the first ever non-Glen person to write for ViperChill.

I’m pretty sure he thought I was ignoring him and now I’m pretty sure you all think I’m crazy as bat poo. Perfect.

Unmasking the Blog Tyrant

For all of you who have been to Blog Tyrant or seen my posts on Copyblogger, Problogger, Smart Passive Income, etc. you’ll know that I’ve done it all anonymously.

For almost two years now I’ve written articles, replied to comments and made friends with my readers as the Blog Tyrant.

And it’s worked astoundingly well.

By a stroke of genius luck I’ve managed to create a loyal community of amazing human beings who leave comments, email me, share my content and increase levels of awesomeness.

Being anonymous has also created quite a bit of buzz around the place. Other bloggers would mention me in mysterious tones and help to generate a sense of intrigue.

But after a while I started to notice that it felt weird to have my readers call me “Tyrant” or “BT” when we had actually become really good friends. I decided that it was time to show my face so that we could take the relationship to the next level. Any success I’ve had as the Blog Tyrant has been thanks to this brilliant group of people – I at least owe them a photo and a name.

So when Glen asked me to join the ViperChill team I asked him how he felt about me revealing my identity as my first post. He replied that he’d been hoping I’d say that!

*Internet jumping high five*

Name: Ramsay (I’ve been told it means Sheep Island or Sword of the people. You decide.)

Age: 26.

Location: South Australia.

Occupation: Blogger, online marketer, aspiring video game addict.

Likes: Walks on the beach, kittens, girls (my fiance) with a sense of humor.

To all my long time readers: it’s nice to finally meet you properly… across the internet… in a blog post.

To all of Glen’s long time readers: thanks for reading this far.

I’m the kind of person who stays up all night worrying about Government conspiracies so showing my face and name online was a big deal for me.

The reason I went anonymous in the first place, however, was because I thought it would be easier to sell the blog down the line if no name was attached to it. After all, I’ve sold several other blogs for around $20,000 doing something similar.

About a year into it, however, I realized that my readers meant too much to me and that I wasn’t going to sell Blog Tyrant like the others.

And now I find myself paranoid for a different reason: I’m dreading the thought that you’ll prefer the anonymous scepter to my human mug.

Who am I?
I really don’t like sugar coating anything so I’ll keep it brief.

I’m just a 26 year old guy who decided early on that an office job wasn’t for me. I’ve sold several blogs for good sums of money, work from home full time and run several internet businesses.

Am I rich? Nope. But I work from home (or Chinatown on my laptop), play tennis with my brother during the day and travel overseas at least once a year. And because I don’t want give away all the mystery, I’m going to leave things there.

So what’s next?
Glen has got some pretty massive things planned for ViperChill so when he asked me to write I said, “how high?”.

And when he told me that he’d be interested in teaming up on some of my projects as well I was so excited that I told him how bad I am at executing witty sayings.

In all seriousness, I really believe in the ViperChill blogging philosophy and when Glen says that people are going to get their information from less and less sources I know I want to be part of that small group.

Usually when you read a ViperChill article you know it is going to change the way you do business. I can’t promise that my articles are going to be anywhere near that level but I can promise I’ll try and give you a few things to think about.

Interruption from Glen

If you’ve been following ViperChill for a long time then you’ll know I’ve never accepted a single guest post on this site; that’s in over two years of writing here. It’s not because I don’t think other people have valuable things to say, it’s just that you can get other content styles in other places, and I wanted ViperChill to stand out in an industry where there is a lot of generic, repeated information.

I mentioned in my Future of Blogging post that a lot of my research was done because I want to continue to grow the readership of this blog and more importantly the impact that it has on our current readers. Hundreds of people have been able to make a living online thanks to this website, and I want to get that into the thousands.

It made sense for me that to continue pumping out high-quality articles but on a more regular basis, I should bring somebody else on board to help with that. I could produce a lot more of my own posts than I do, but the last thing I want is to write for the sake of writing. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and chatted with Pat Flynn about it almost a year ago, so it’s not a decision I’ve rushed into. Once I made the decision to bring in another writer, it was easy to rush to Ramsay, and see if he would be interested in the opportunity.

Besides the obvious quality of him being able to produce great content, I like Ramsay because he’s young and unlike a lot of people who write about this stuff, he has actually had a lot of success online in a number of different verticals. This makes him a perfect fit to give advice on an array of different subjects. He’s really been there and done that, and together I think we can both help you all to do a hell of a lot more online.

We actually agreed to do this almost two months ago, but we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the future of our individual businesses and getting to know each other, to make sure that working together more would be a good fit. I already related to his ‘hidden’ approach – my first link from Google’s Matt Cutts when I was 17 was to ViperChill, but to an alter ego I had for myself named Dave – which was my first inkling we would be a good match.

It has actually been quiet freaky to see how many things we agree on and what our predictions for the future of the web look like, so I’m excited to see what success stories come from you the readers, now that we’re teaming up. His arrival brings our small but thriving company to four, with Jason in Shanghai, Graeme now living in San Francisco, myself in Singapore and Ramsay in Australia.

Welcome to the team, Ramsay.

Back to you…

Will you “unmask” too? It might be worth your while…

Lastly, and most importantly, I’m here to help you. I attempt to reply to every single email, comment and Tweet that I get and I hope that I always will. I care about people a lot more than I care about success or money.

So, in the spirit of today’s unmasking I’d love it if you’d drop a comment, introduce yourself and tell me and Glen what your biggest blogging problems, fears or frustrations are. (Glen: Feel free to post links in the actual comment text — just make sure you tell us a bit about yourself first)

I really believe that the best blog posts are the ones that solve problems so I’m going to use your comments on this post to form the basis of epic future articles. And if your comment gets chosen I’ll give you a shout out and a link in future posts.

Introduce away…

Edit: There seems to be some confusion in the comments so I just wanted to clarify. The site is not being opened for guest posts. Ramsay is now officially a member of the team, and will be contributing to the site on a regular basis. This is his ‘welcome’ to the audience — thanks to all of you who have left comments so far. It’s awesome to hear from you all!


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