Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coming Soon: The WP Ultimate Theme Framework for WordPress

After one year of toiling away in the labs, we are preparing for the launch of The WP Ultimate Theme (a powerful, flexible and dynamic premium SEO framework for WordPress) designed to work in tandem with SEO Ultimate (our WordPress SEO plugin).

The WP Ultimate Theme: So Powerful, It Should Have Its Own Cape!

Our objective is simple, to provide users with fine-grained control over multiple on page settings (such as nearly instantaneous site architecture injection, custom navigation options, multiple layout and theme choices, breadcrumbs, internal links, widgets, typography controls and more) for the optimal WordPress SEO framework.

Rather than spill the beans now, I will be posting sneak previews of the features as well as preparing some unique use-case examples of how to leverage the power of WP and SEO Ultimate in tandem.

If you know us by now, you know that SEO Design Solutions is not about shallow or flimsy SEO tactics or tools; everything we do is cutting-edge and is founded on years of battle tested tactics that dominate search engines and produce real-world results by their very design.

WP Ultimate is no different – there simply isn’t anything like it as a WordPress framework (more on that later) and this is not to knock the competition.

Stay tuned for videos, strategies and more from our upcoming product launch (which will change the way you think about SEO Themes for WordPress once and for all).

The countdown for the launch is scheduled for  1-2-2012

Until the next post…

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