Sunday, September 23, 2012

A “CataBlog” Could Be Your Key To Affiliate Profits

Article courtesy guest blogger Alan Bechtold, one of my favorite people in online publishing and Internet marketing.

Here’s a unique way to sell all kinds of affiliate products on a blog and provide valuable information to your readers that will leave them eager to tell everyone they know about you. You’ll build a profitable business and there’s a good chance you could get lots of cool free stuff doing it.

It’s not complicated: Just write reviews. What’s different here is the kind of reviews I suggest you write.

Just find excellent affiliate offers that would appeal to your audience and, instead of the usual puffy-soft “this-is-the-best-thing-since-the-invention-of-sex” review you see so often, actually get each product you’re going to sell and review it yourself.

This sounds possibly expensive. It could get that way, depending on the price point of the products you choose to sell. Remember, however – you’re an affiliate. You should be able to get at least your commission as a discount. Most producers of information products will have little problem providing you with a free copy, if you stress that you’ll be adding them to your “catablog,” turning that one review copy into additional sales if you like what you see.

Don’t be shy. Ask for review copies or units of whatever it is they sell that you would like to review. Review or advance copies of books, music, movies – even clothing and hard goods – are the norm in the retail and publishing world.

If they won’t give you a free review copy, you might want to ask yourself why they’re not willing to let you do an honest review and shy away. Worst-case scenario, they will ask you to send back whatever they provide after you’ve done your review.

Next – really use the product. Run it through its paces, whatever it is. Take notes about how you really feel about it. Then write an honest review, focusing not only on the quality of the product but other possible ways it could benefit your readers. Include things to avoid trying with it, possibly even a tip or two for your readers to help them get the most out of it.

If there are flaws, point them out. Then add any ways you see that those flaws could be circumvented or turned to the buyer’s advantage.

Your readers will love this, even if these reviews are the only thing you post on your blog. They’ll regularly turn to you for guidance before they buy – and they’ll send their friends they care about.

Publishers and producers of the products you review will love it, too. Eventually, they’ll start sending you free products whenever they have something new coming out, even if you don’t ask for them and don’t always write a positive review. Often, these pleasant surprises will land on your doorstep ahead of when they’re available to the public.

Add your affiliate link to every review you publish, good, bad or indifferent and your blog will make money. Keep it up and you’ll also start getting free stuff like it’s Christmas all year along.



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